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About the Foundation

Administration, from the Latin word meaning “to serve”, can be defined as the management of the affairs of the enterprise to achieve (or “serve”) its objectives.

CFPA, first incorporated in 1981 and granted charitable status in 1984,was founded to encourage the production of educational materials for professional administrators. Our intention, in so doing,was to raise the level of skill and professionalism of those engaged in all facets of administration. These areas include: corporate secretaryship, corporate law, corporate governance,public administration, accounting, records management and, lately, information systems.

The Foundation has funded a number of research projects over the years, and has financially supported the writing of several course texts and manuals. In keeping with our mandate, all materials created or developed with Foundation money are licensed to any interested party.

Mission Statement

To raise the professional level of administrative practice in Canada through research, education, communication and support.


The Foundation is heavily supported by Private donations. Personal or Corporate donations are an excellent way to express your desire to further the development of professional administration in Canada. Donations may also be made “in memoriam” and through planned giving. The Foundation Office or your financial advisor will be able to provide more information on either program.

Sir Henry Slaby Endowment Fund

This fund was created by, and named for, Sir Henry Slaby, who has been prominent in the Polish-Canadian community. In addition to his very generous initial donation, the Fund seeks support from those interested in education of young people in all areas of administration.


In support of its Mission Statement, the Foundation has made grants to aid the development of educational materials, the holding of professional development conferences and research into the nature of professional administration. Specific grants have included:

• Support for course development in corporate and municipal law, and public administration;
• Research to define administration as a profession;
• Conferences on in-service professional development held in Montreal, Ottawa, Peterborough (Trent University), Toronto and Calgary;
• Publication of manuals on secretarial practice for the not-for-profit sector and small business enterprises.

The Foundation solicits proposals and applications for grants to support research or for educational activities in the general area of the administrative profession. Applications are considered by the Board of Directors. For further information, contact the CFPA office.


• To strengthen the administrative profession in Canada
• To unite administrative sub-specialties within the larger, general context of the administration profession
• To make available descriptions of what constitutes good administration
• To promote a professional approach to the administrative role
• To strengthen the numerous professional associations in administration; both those that focus on administrative specialties, and those in general administrative practice
• To promote ethical standards for the administrative practitioner
• To assist substantially in the professional development of administrators

Promoting excellence in professional administration in Canada through:

• Research into administrative practice
• Grants for administrative projects
• Publications
• Contact between professional bodies
• Professional development
• Promoting communication amongst
• administrative specialists
• Education
• Promoting the Profession of Administration

Donation Form

To make a contribution to the Canadian Foundation for Professional Administration, please click here for the donation form (PDF Format). Completed forms can be submitted to info@icsacanada.org or 202-300 March Road, Ottawa, ON K2K 2E2.

A charitable receipt for tax purposes will be issued to you prior to the consecutive tax year. Thank you for your support of Professional Administration in Canada.

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