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Chartered Secretaries Case Study syllabus summary

Module outline and aims
When you have completed the three exam-based modules at Level Two you will take, as your last module, this final test of competence integrating the syllabus content from both levels of CSQS. This module does not have its own syllabus as it is drawing on knowledge from all the syllabuses at Levels One and Two.

By passing this module you will be able to demonstrate your mastery of the content of CSQS and show how you can apply the required knowledge and skills to a business case example.

Learning outcomes and syllabus content
The learning outcomes and syllabus content for the Chartered Secretaries Case Study reflect the programme as a whole. The learning outcomes are therefore the same as the CSQS Programme Outcomes at Level Two (shown below). Syllabus content from all CSQS modules will be tested through the case study.

CSQS Level Two Programme Outcomes are as follows:

Development of Knowledge and Understanding

On completion of this level, you will have knowledge of:

  • Financial models and financial decision-making techniques available to organisations, their effects and the implications of their use, including ethical issues.
  • Theories of financial decision-making and how these help to safeguard value for stakeholders in the organisation.
  • The role of the Chartered Secretary in ensuring good governance in the organisation.
  • The law, rules and compliance requirements affecting governing organisations, and how these are supported by effective management of the secretary’s core duties.
  • The elements, processes and techniques involved in the development and implementation of organisational strategy.

Cognitive / Intellectual Skills

On completion of this level you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate financial, legal and regulatory information to effectively address organisational strategic and governance issues.
  • Critically analyse the environment of organisations with awareness of how past, present and future circumstances must affect strategic decisions made at board level.
  • Evaluate risk and return and the consequences of decisions made in these areas at the level of organisational governance; configure decisions about risk and return to adjust to changing and complex circumstances.
  • Identify the relevant issues or problems from a set of financial, legal or regulatory information and formulate advice on the governance implications of proposed responses to such information.
  • Critically evaluate complex and sometimes conflicting data and concepts and formulate advice in the context of the governance of the organisation.

Practical Skills

On completion of this level you will be able to:

  • Present complicated information about the organisation in accessible and understandable ways, to a range of audiences.
  • Formulate advice in the context of change and complexity at organisational level, in a way which acknowledges the existence of conflicting interests and ideas and takes account of the consequences of this.
  • Identify and analyse conflicting arguments, including the ethical or value-based perspectives of these, and offer advice about them which makes an effective contribution to organisational decision-making.
  • Select and apply analytical skills and techniques as appropriate in complex and changing organisational contexts.
  • In the context of continuing professional development, manage study and learning independently and adapt learning requirements to changes in role and organisation.

Format of the Chartered Secretaries Case Study

The first Chartered Secretaries Case Study will be set in November 2011. The ‘Pre-seen’ case content will be released prior to the exam. In the exam you will be given further ‘Unseen’ case content together with the questions. There will be a fifteen minute reading time period.

Unlike other CSQS exams, the Chartered Secretaries Case Study does not offer a choice of questions. You will answer four compulsory questions related to the case, and will need to consider both the Pre-seen and Unseen elements when forming your responses.

Further guidance to preparing for the Chartered Secretaries Case Study will be published in due course.

Module syllabus

Sample exam paper

Suggested answers



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