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Board Meeting April 29, 2019
Governance Committee Meeting May 3, 2019
Board Meeting May 23, 2019
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May 3, 2019 2:00pm to 3:30pm ET by teleconference
1-866-830-9434 passcode: 6656813 (moderator code: 3552)

1.    Call to Order & Approval of Agenda

2.    Terms of Reference Review – Decision
2.1    Background and Summary of Feedback Received
2.2    Executive and Financial Committee
2.3    Member Services and Growth Committee
2.4    Education Training and Candidate Success Committee
2.5    Governance and Admissions Committee

3.    Other Business

4.    Consent Agenda
4.1    Verification of the Minutes
4.1.1    April 10, 2019 meeting
4.1.2    April 30, 2018 meeting
4.2    Business arising Completed - Information
4.2.1    M. Demers to connect with G. Boose about J. Jeannot’s desired involvement before contacting J. Jeannot to begin onboarding prior to the June meetings.
4.2.2    National Office to include an Agenda item for the June meeting to ensure all Committee and Branches are including Conflict of Interest disclosures on their agendas and the importance of doing so, to be led by L. Atkinson. 
4.2.3   National Office to re-amend the Admissions Committee TOR to reinstate the standard part of the template.
4.2.4    Discussion to be had at the June Board meeting to determine if awarding DEAP and P.Adm. designations are an Admissions Committee or Board responsibility.
4.2.5    L. Atkinson to confirm that the TOR version used for the new template matches the September 2017 approved document.
4.2.6    Ensure the Board discusses accountability for the monitoring of members’ CPD-hour fulfillment.
4.2.7    L. Atkinson to determine which of the questions provided in the CPD TOR feedback should be directed to the Board and which can be covered by the Governance Committee.
4.2.8    G. Boose to follow up with International to determine how Divisions report CPD disciplinary cases as regards CPD hour non-fulfillment, and if UKRIAT would take over Canada’s CPD Program.
4.2.9    National Office to adjust the TOR as follows: Point (i)-(iii) under 5.(e) be moved under 5.(a). 5.(f) would become sub-point (iv) of 5.(a) as well, 5.(g) would become 5.(f). These points do not pertain to ARP or SMRG and these changes clarify the relationship.
4.2.10    Demers to work with the Executive Committee to review the TOR.
4.2.11    I. Stefancic and L. Atkinson to touch base before the June meeting to ensure all reporting is in order.

5.    Next Meeting dates

6.    Termination