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Request for Proposal (RFP): Consultant for the Development of Study Materials for the
New International Qualifying Scheme
Click here to download a copy of the PDF version.

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) in Canada is the Canadian Division of a larger international organization – The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. All members worldwide are certified under a common and portable international qualifying scheme and are entitled to use the post-nominal of either ACIS or FCIS. Membership is transferable between Divisions, depending on where the member resides.

ICSA Canada is responsible for the oversight of the delivery of the qualifying scheme within Canada as well as some Caribbean locations.

The current program is being redeveloped so that it is in line with the needs of governance professionals with the intent of increasing market penetration, the retention of candidates and the overall pass rate of the program. ICSA Canada needs to develop the appropriate study and support materials for the new program to reach these objectives.  

The new certification program is set at a level that is appropriate for those who are in their final year of an undergraduate program or at a Master’s level or who have several years of related work experience.  The program will include the following seven (7) modules:
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Law
  • Finance for Decision Making
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corporate Secretarial Practice
  • Development in Strategy
This RFP has been developed for the engagement of consultants with subject matter expertise for each of the above modules. Reporting to ICSA Canada’s Director of Education, the individual will be required to review the existing study materials used for the current program, review the new learning outcome syllabus and propose an approach and associated fees for the delivery of the module including the development of appropriate study materials, instructor support materials (instruction manual, webinars, etc.) and student support resources.

Candidate/Student Profile
The typical candidate is an individual who is working full time and may, or may not, be working in the field. A post-secondary degree or equivalency will be a pre-requisite for the program.

Scope of Work
We are looking to receive a separate proposal for each module. Individuals can submit proposals for more than one module.

We see this project as separate parts with the requirement to provide a quote on each part. If this does not appear possible, we are open to other suggestions:
  1. Review of the new course outline and complete an analysis of existing material, identifying what could be used to support the new outline.
  2. Provide a structured course map (learning plan) that provides students with a time-based plan to study the course.
  3. Develop student study materials which may include a study text if no suitable text or material is available, or make the required changes to existing materials if they need to be modified and updated.
  4. Develop instructor resource materials (examples include but are not limited to webinars, practice questions, assignments, etc.).
  5. Develop student support resources in addition to the above as necessary.
Study materials should emphasize both knowledge and learning experiences that connect content to the learning outcomes. Study texts should include vignettes, reflective exercises, case illustrations, problem based learning, case study work and possibly additional resources for reference.

The candidate profile needs be taken into account in the development of the study material and any support resources.

To review the learning outcomes for each module and any previously developed resources, select the appropriate module below:
Required Skills of the Developer
We are seeking subject matter expert consultants who are highly organized self-starters with ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and manage multiple tasks. Superior writing and editorial skills are desired, as is experience with curriculum development, teaching, research and editing. An understanding of adult learner needs is critical.

This project is expected to last a minimum of seven (7) months and no more than twenty-four (24) months, with contract period beginning in the Fall of 2017. Below is the expected timeline:
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: July 31st, 2017
  • Review and scoring of proposals received: by mid-August
  • Successful proposal accepted: August 2017
  • Contract for services developed: August 2017
  • First draft due of study material: November 30th, 2017
  • Final copy of study material: March 2018
  • Begin work on instructor and study support materials: April 2018
  • Final copies of instructor and student support materials: September 2018
Proposals and Supplementary Information
Proposals should include:
  1. A brief overview of the consultant’s vision for the study materials and the required changes/updates to current materials taking into consideration the required learning outcomes.
  2. Proposed instructor and student support materials; and,
  3. Fees associated with each part of the proposal.
The proposal should be submitted along with a brief professional profile and a cover letter that highlights expertise vis-à-vis the content area as well as in textbook development and/or curriculum design.

Please submit all materials electronically to:
David Miriguay
Director of Education, ICSA Canada
Phone: (613) 595-1151 ext: 1
All enquiries for additional information should be directed to David Miriguay at the coordinates above.
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