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In addition to the on-line webinars offered through our partnership with Vubiz, ICSA will be offering its own Pre-Recorded webinars at a discounted price to members of both ICSA and CSCS. A brief description of each webinar is provided below. If you are interested in any webinar, simply complete the order form associated with each webinar.

Risk Management and Governance. The purpose of this webinar is to examine these principles and, tools, of risk management which can help directors to better govern a corporation. This webinar supplements both the student’s governance text and the course to those directors enrolled in the Certified Director Program. Click here to complete the fillable PDF order form.

Ethics, Social Responsibility and Financial Performance. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has come under increased scrutiny, particularly after the financial crises of this century. It has, however, been a subject of much study over the last 30 years. The purpose of this webinar is to prompt discussion about the relationship between financial performance, social responsibility and ethical conduct. Click here to complete the fillable PDF order form.

Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards: Myths, Realities and Strategies. Since Tyson in the UK and Saucier in Canada raised the issue, Boards of Directors of publicly traded companies have grappled with the challenge of recruiting women to Boards of Directors. More recently in the UK, Lord Davies criticized the complete lack of progress that Boards have made in ensuring equity of opportunity to Boards for well qualified women. Currently, in Canada, the Senate is debating the necessity of establishing a 50% quota for women on boards of publicly traded companies. This webinar establishes a context for building a board’s gender diversity and proposes tools which might be used by Nominating Committees in recruiting qualified women to the Board. Click here to complete the fillable PDF order form.

Webinars Still to Come:

  • Tax and Financial Planning Overview. This webinar gives an overview of the tax impact of various personal investment choices, features of common retirement savings plans such as RRSP and TFSA plans and the major assumptions to think about in saving and planning for retirement.
  • Volunteering for a Non-Profit Board is Good Professional Development. This webinar gives an overview of the challenges faced by non-profit organizations and how the need for today's business skills is where volunteers can help but at the same time it becomes a great learning opportunity for all.

Is there a topic you would like to see presented in a webinar format? Perhaps you are interested in presenting on a topic? Contact us today with your ideas. 

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